Monday, October 31, 2011

Are Your Children Spinning Tonight?

Are you giving out M&Ms and dried fruit (like the White House) or buying back the candy, like a dentist in California, who is paying $1.00 a pound. Will your children's behavior be affected by the food dyes and additives?
In March the FDA released documents suggesting that yes artificial food dyes can effect behavioral changes in children. The FDA did not deem that additional information on labels would be beneficial to consumers. Today a FDA panel is again looking at the issue of food dyes and hyperactivity in children. In the UK these food dyes have already been banned. 
Should we apply the precautionary principle? Is there proof the dyes are safe? What's your solution?
Is the candy making your children spin? 

Food Facts reports that Pop Tarts, sold in both the US and the UK have a different formula. See the comparison here

On the other hand consider the wonderful orange pumpkin that says "I'm rich in caroteniods, Eat me!"