Monday, November 7, 2011

About Hawthorn Instructor Karen Lyke

Hawthorn Student
Georgette Schwartz
recently sent the following email.
Good morning. I wanted to tell you how amazing I think my education from Hawthorn has been. I have gone to many different conferences presented by the "leaders" in nutrition; IFM, IAACN, NANP, and Metagenics. I am completely prepared for the material that is presented and much of the information, I already know! Thank you!!!I would also like to tell you how amazing Karen Lyke is as a professor. She challenges me to learn more and for that I thank her. I'm fairly close to finishing my MSHN and feel extremely prepared to guide people. Best Regards, Georgette Schwartz

Instructor Karen Lyke, MS in Human Nutrition, is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN), and is a Diplomate in Advanced Nutritional Laboratory Assessment (DANLA) . She sees her role “as guiding and stretching the students.  The guiding helps them get the key info firmly so that they can speak about it easily and apply it confidently. The stretching prompts them to play with the material and go beyond the basics, enhance their fluency with it, activating momentum toward learning even more.”