Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Greetings from Hawthorn

Chanterelle Mushroom 

Rain is beginning to fall, the storms from Northern Alaska are starting to sweep down the Pacific Northwest coast, trees have dropped their colorful leaves, the creek is heading towards the river, the river towards the ocean, salmon are battling up stream to spawn, mushrooms are sprouting and the light is slight. Time to gather and celebrate, to share convivial spirits and stay warm.
Some use the holiday times to pause and make time for quiet introspection, to reflect on the year passing; on actions, accomplishments, goals and dreams. There is much to be grateful for. A commitment to educational achievement at Hawthorn University is not undertaken lightly and success is part of the rich experience we celebrate with you.
It is also a wonderful time to nourish deeply. May there be peace on earth and in each of our hearts.  May your table be abundant and delicious.
Happy Holidays from Hawthorn!