Monday, March 5, 2012

Marketing Your Nutrition Practice

Karen Roth, MS, NC

Karen Roth, MS, NC, graduated from Hawthorn University in 2007 and since then has built a successful practice doing what she loves!
Marketing ourselves doesn't come naturally to many of us.  Karen will share what's working for her.  Come and learn how she found her niche and also learn about the techniques she has used to build her business and the BUZZ! 

Karen maintains a clinical nutrition practice in Valencia and Sherman Oaks, CA consulting with clients both locally and across the country. She is an active member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, the American Holistic Health Association as well as the Menopause Type Network®.

Archived webinars like this one with Hawthorn graduate Karen Roth, MS, NC are available to view on the Hawthorn website

Here are some of the comments recieved about Karen's presentation; "Build Your Buzz:  Marketing Your Nutrition Practice."

Excellent presentation!  My head is spinning and I'm a little overwhelmed, but it's good and necessary information for launching and building a business.  It was especially helpful to hear what did NOT work for her as well as what did.

Excellent suggestions from someone whose been there and done the work.  I admire Karen.

Excellent presentation.

FINALLY, a marketing presentation that made sense for ME and my style!  First time I ever heard one, including workshops and a lot of money down the drain hearing about things that I would never do in a million years.  Thank you, Karen.  I really appreciate it!

Well done.  Thank you.