Friday, March 23, 2012

World Water Day

...water water everywhere? but can we drink it? Yesterday was World Water Day so lets take a moment to remember that globally 1 out of every 8 people lacks safe drinking water. While in the U.S. many of us are blessed with water that seems to just run from the tap. In my community (in what used to be a temperate rain forest) we are seeing less fall rain, and learning to collect and store water for use during the drier months. Also to share with the salmon and keep them alive. A few summers ago the Mattole River went dry and the fish trapped in small holes were unable to get away from predators.

Water is necessary for life and we don't just drink it, water is used for crops, livestock, inland fisheries and aquaculture and non-food crops including fibres and bio-energy crops, also sanitation, hydro-power and recreation. The United Nations General Assembly declared access to clean drinking water and sanitation a human right in 2010 but the investment firm Fidelity recently asked email recipients "Are you ready for water to become a globally traded commodity?" Have we killed the albatross? Or can we through good stewardship and paying attention maintain the good fortune we have to live on this beautiful blue planet.