Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nourishing the Nascent Nibbler

Please join us on Tuesday August 7th, 2012 at 4pm pacific / 7pm eastern as we host Julie Matthews, C.N.C. for a webinar entitled "First Foods for Baby and Toddler: Nourishing the Nascent Nibbler."

Essential growth and foundational health begins from the day your child is born - establish good nutritional habits early. The nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids you feed your child as a baby will serve them well for lifelong health. Good nutrition as an infant (starting with nutrition for breastfeeding mothers) and toddler creates a strong immune system, important brain growth and development, dense bones, healthy digestion, and a good “palate” (for healthy food choices). Good dietary habits early will help a child be a less picky eater and maintain a healthy weight throughout life.

In this webinar, we will discuss and learn:
•             Nutrition for breastfeeding mothers and/or homemade formula recipes (when necessary)
•             First foods introductions for baby
•             What to feed and not feed your baby
•             Nutritional needs for children of all ages
•             Foods to aid digestion, eliminate colic and thrush, and boost immune function
•             Tips for picky eaters

Julie Matthews is a Certified Nutrition Consultant specializing in autism spectrum disorders, healthy pregnancy, moms and babies, and therapeutic diets and nutrition for childhood disorders. Julie studied holistic nutrition through California state certified Bauman College and holds a Bachelor of Science from U.C. Davis in Agricultural and Managerial Economics. She is the author of two amazing resources on autism: Nourishing Hope and the Cooking to Heal cookbook and educational DVD. Julie is a member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP), Chapter Leader of the San Francisco Holistic Mom’s Network, and nutritionist with the Mama’s Resource Network.

To participate online and to view the webinar click here follow the online registration instructions:
Participation is limited to the first 100 Attendees.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Congratulations Hawthorn Graduates

Hawthorn is celebrating a milestone of over 110 graduates. We are proud of all of them. Here are a few recent achievers. 

Congratulations to Hawthorn Graduate Wendy Borden! Wendy graduated Summa cum Laude from the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition program. Wendy also holds a Nutrition Education certificate and a Master’s degree in Recreation Administration.   Her goal is to be an advocate for holistic nutrition through consulting and community education programs. Her experience in youth development and passion for nutrition will be a good match for Wendy’s interest in gardening, cooking and nutrition education programs for children preschool through high school. Her thesis, From Junk Food to Whole Food: Improving the Diet of Teens through Community-Based Nutrition Programs is evidence of her desire to expand her personal and professional knowledge for use in improving the well-being of others. Best of luck, Wendy!

Congratulations are in order for Jill Marie Parsh for successfully completing the requirements for a degree in the Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education program. Jill’s mission is to empower people to feel confident about making healthy lifestyle choices. Jill is also a Certified Master Gardener, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and a yoga instructor. Jill turned her passion for healthy, whole foods into a career, when she founded Food for Health, www.foodforhealth.net . As a nutrition educator, her philosophy is that no one diet works for everyone since we are all very different when it comes to what our bodies need. Jill guides others to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support them through lifelong changes enabling and empowering them to reach their own health goals. Jill plans to implement her thesis project, Diggin It: a Nutrition and Garden Education Program at an area middle school.

Congratulations to Rachel Brandl, a Summa cum Laude graduate of the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition program. While completing her master's, Rachel was a Mental Health Worker on an in-patient behavioral health unit. She led individual and group therapy sessions regarding the coping skills and lifestyle modifications necessary to help patients maintain health and balance in their lives. Rachel’s experience taught her that the human mind is not only incredibly powerful but also an essential component of attaining optimal health. Thus, she chose to complete her master’s thesis on the topic of behavior change. Her thesis, Facilitating Behavior Change and Optimizing Adherence, will prove invaluable to her future patients. Rachel’s next step is to attend medical school and become an Osteopathic physician, using her knowledge of nutrition and mental health to lead a holistic medical practice. Best of luck as you move into the future to attain all your goals.

Congratulations to Patricia "Lynn" Byrd for successfully completing the Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education degree. Lynn has worn many hats, including personal chef, successful restaurant and jazz club owner, and life-long food connoisseur. As owner of The Byrdfeeder Nutrition Counseling Services, Lynn supports her clients as they acknowledge the past, realistically review the present, and chart a course for a positive, vibrant future. Through her formal education and hands-on experience Lynn helps individuals discover and maintain a consistently high quality of life in an ever-changing environment while teaching them to kick the blues through mindful eating, joyful movement, and gentle reflection techniques. Lynn's thesis, How to Avoid the Food Crisis:  Growing Nutrient-Rich Food in a Home Garden, is evidence of her passion for growing clean, safe food in harmony with nature. 

Congratulations to Krystle Shapiro who graduated Summa cum Laude from the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition program. Krystle has experienced a variety of different careers in her lifetime including medical massage, sports massage, and oncology massage with emphasis on manual lymph drainage therapy. In 2003 she opened Stepping  Stones Wellness Center in Sandpoint, Idaho which, in conjunction with her interest in holistic health care led her to begin the Sandpoint Wellness Council in 2008.  Krystle's interaction with cancer clients helped her to better understand their experiences and to offer wisdom about how the body can heal itself through holistic health interventions. She also learned about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and developed a program incorporating massage therapy, energy therapy, and nutrition therapy that coincides with ongoing mental health therapy. All her experiences led to her current passionate career path focused on defining the role of chronic and extreme toxic exposures from many sources in theaters of combat, their negative effects on the human body affecting efficient neurological signaling, and nutrient dense replenishment and remediation to reduce and/or eliminate the incidence of negative behaviors, moods, and the potential of suicide.  Her thesis, The War Within: Addressing Veteran Suicide, exemplifies her new knowledge and passion.

Katherine (Katie) Carter received her Nutrition Consultant certificate with the distinction of Summa cum Laude. Katie is a yoga teacher and founder of Wild Mountain Yoga Center in Nevada City, CA. She teaches yoga, healthy cooking, and conducts nutrition workshops. Her interest in nutrition and yoga started in her teens and continues to this day as she continually seeks to educate others while improving physical energy, mental clarity, and peace of mind.   As a holistic nutrition consultant Katie's focus is helping menopausal women achieve optimal health while navigating changes during this transitional time in life. Her website katiecarterwellness.com links to her blog "5 Bad Mood Foods".  Keep up the good work, Katie!

Tove Elgeskog-Chamness graduated Summa cum Laude from the Nutrition Consultant certificate program.  Tove is a registered yoga teacher and works from a holistic perspective to form an individualized program to help individuals reach their health and wellness goals through healing foods, supplements, lifestyle changes, and yoga practice. She creates supportive protocols for individuals with specific health concerns, aids in weight loss or weight gain, educates mothers-to-be about eating habits before, during, and after pregnancy, and teaches health educating classes throughout the area. Visit Tove's website www.theswedishyogi.com to read more about her accomplishments and services.