Monday, January 14, 2013

Janet Ludwig, Ph.D., Education Director and Director of Doctoral Studies at Hawthorn University

We are pleased and excited to announce that Hawthorn University Faculty member Janet Ludwig, Ph.D. has accepted the positions of Education Director and Director of Doctoral Studies. As the Education Director, Dr. Ludwig will chair the Hawthorn University Education Committee and continue our attention on being a leader in online holistic nutrition education.
Dr. Ludwig was awarded her Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Nutrition from the University of Arizona. She has been Dean of Sciences at a nurse anesthesia school and she is an Adjunct Professor at a regional university where she teaches onsite and online. We welcome Dr. Ludwig's expertise and look forward to her contributions to the scholarship of the University, our students, and faculty.
Her research expertise involves determining how diseases can be improved or prevented by nutrition. She is particularly interested in determining the molecular and cellular mechanisms of the inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, allergies, and damage resulting from ischemic heart conditions. The administration of trace metals, such as zinc, and how they influence these conditions is being studied. She is the author of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and has presented her findings at National Symposia.
Dr. Ludwig was a fellow in the Cardiovascular Disease Training Program at the University of Texas Health Science Center and won a Research Career Development Award; National Institute of Heart, Lung, and Blood.
In 2013 Hawthorn University is celebrating 10 years of focus. We are confident that Dr. Ludwig will do a great job continuing to build our programs.