Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Autoimmune Disease: The Infection Connection, Part 2

Please join us on Tuesday November 5th, 2013 at 4 pm pacific / 7 pm eastern as we host Dr. Nikolas Hedberg, D.C., D.A.B.C.I. for a webinar entitled “Autoimmune Disease:  The Infection Connection, Part 2.”

The connection between infections and autoimmune diseases continues to be well-supported yet conventional medicine fails to address this growing epidemic.  In part 1 specific microbial connections with a variety of autoimmune diseases was covered and in part 2 Dr. Hedberg will focus on treatment strategies including nutrition, herbal medicines and supplementation (to review “Autoimmune Disease: The Infection Connection, Part 1” visit the university public webinar archives (  Holistic management options can be highly effective in people with autoimmune diseases with nutrition as a major player to achieve successful outcomes.  

Nikolas Hedberg, D.C., D.A.B.C.I. is a board certified chiropractic internist by the American Board of Chiropractic Internists.  He received his bachelor of science in exercise science from the University of Florida and his Doctor of Chiropractic from Texas Chiropractic College.  He is the founder of the Immune Restoration Center in Asheville, NC where he focuses on autoimmune diseases, chronic infections and thyroid disorders.  Dr. Hedberg is the author of the book, The Thyroid Alternative which is a comprehensive guide to diagnosing and treating autoimmune thyroid disorders.  Dr. Hedberg's passion is the connection between infections and chronic illness which he calls, “The Infection Connection.”

Dr. Hedberg is the author of the new book Blood Chemistry Analysis For The Integrative Clinician. 
He has created an online training course focused on functional medicine approaches to infectious and autoimmune diseases at

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Microbiome: New Territory

Is the microbiome the answer to the many diseases that plague us today? Please join us on Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at 4 pm pacific / 7 pm eastern time, as we host Hawthorn University Education Director and Director of the Doctoral Studies Program, Janet Ludwig, PhD for a webinar entitled “The Microbiome: New Territory.” 

It is certainly an interesting possibility that a fecal transplant from a healthy person to an ill person could bypass the use of antibiotics and other medications that have become commonly used in today’s medicine.  What about the development of your microbiome? Are you from a family that is prone toward weight gain? Could it be that your microbiome predisposes you to being unable to lose weight? Environmental toxins and how they alter the genes of your microbiome could also account for health issues that may affect you.

Please join us on Tuesday October 15th, 2013 at 4 pm pacific /
7 pm eastern time, as we host Hawthorn University Education Director and Director of the Doctoral Studies Program,
Janet Ludwig, PhD for a webinar entitled “The Microbiome: New Territory.”

The presentation, “The Microbiome: New Territory” will address these issues. It is new and exciting information that will be explored to answer the following questions about the microbiome:

•What is it?
•Why do we care about it?
•Can we change it?
•How does it influence our health?
•Where can a person have his/hers determined?
•Can a person be a fecal transplant donor or recipient?

Similar to the earlier project of elucidating the Human Genome that was completed in 2003, the Human Microbiome Project was launched in 2007. Results from these studies have shed new light on chronic diseases and many conditions that have not responded to traditional treatment. Of interest are the many laboratories and studies that are being done on individuals specifically to elucidate their unique variation of the microbiome and possible predisposition to diseases.  

Janet Ludwig, Ph.D. has worked in the area of inflammatory diseases for more than 25 years. She was at the Division of Surgical Biology at the Arizona Health Sciences Center studying zinc and cell injury induced by alcohol and carbon tetrachloride, an effective hepatotoxin. Additionally, she studied the mechanisms and structural identification of the potent class of inflammatory mediators, Platelet-Activating Factors (PAFs), at the Department of Pathology, University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio. She is author of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and has presented her findings at National Symposia. She has been Dean of Sciences at a nurse anesthesia school and she has taught courses in inflammation, biochemistry and nutrition at various Universities. She also travels to BangkokThailand to give nutritional advice in a non-governmental organization that aids in improving the conditions for impoverished women and their children. Currently Dr. Ludwig serves as the Educational Director and the director of Hawthorn's doctoral program in holistic nutrition. 

To participate online and to view the webinar click here and follow the online registration instructions. The webinar will begin promptly at 4:00pm pacific, 7:00pm eastern. Participation is limited to the first 100 Attendees. 

If you are unable to join during the live presentation, please note that webinars are recorded and available on the Hawthorn student website under archived webinars. Some webinars are also available to the public and can be found in the Webinar Archives section of the Hawthorn website.