Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Adrenal Function and Holistic Nutrition

We have the honor of sharing The Adrenal Summit, a 14 day event that touches on everything adrenal and why it’s so vitally important to your health and wellness. Thirteen industry professionals will be hosting daily calls throughout April 7th - April 24th and this level of expertise will rarely ever show up in one venue.

The Adrenal Summit is hosted by Traditional Naturopath, Glen Depke who is also one of Hawthorn's own adjunct faculty.
How does adrenal function play a role in your body holistically? Everything from fatigue to body aches, weight loss or gain, poor mental clarity, cancer, poor immune function, digestive challenges and more… 

Who is this summit for? Anyone who wishes to achieve full health and happiness. This information is valuable to those who are suffering from a condition that may be improved by optimal adrenal health.
You are invited to join, Glen Depke and 13 other experts for a powerful and informative summit. There is no cost to join the live call! But each call will only be available for 12 hours each day.
Recordings of the presentations will be available for a fee after the summit.

Click HERE to reserve your spot!

Glen has addressed such topics as The PAIN of Inflammation and  Understanding Your Nutritional ID on the Hawthorn Health and Nutrition Webinar series. Webinars can be assessed by the public HERE.