Monday, April 21, 2014

The “Microbiota Organ”

 Did you know that you have around 100 trillion microorganisms living in your intestines, and that most of them came from your mom? The microbiota of one’s gut plays an important role in gastrointestinal health and immune system function. Diversity in the composition of the microbiota is important, as is the activity level of the organisms. Probiotics (specialized plant fiber that beneficially nourishes good bacteria) and prebiotics (live bacteria) have shown useful in supporting healthy gut biota. Want to learn more? Access the the archived webinar with Dr. Steven Olmstead at Webinars

Dr. Steven Olmstead

The 15,000-36,000 different species living in your gut are collectively considered the “microbiota organ”.  This “organ” weighs around 1.5 kg and the level of metabolic activity rivals that of the liver.  That is a lot of very busy bacteria!  This organ plays a role in immune responses, normal central nervous system development and sexual maturation although mechanisms are poorly understood.