Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Trudy Scott on pyroluria; missed the webinar?

Are you an introvert?  Trudy Scott is proposing that introversion could be a biochemical imbalance rather than a personality trait! To learn more about pyroluria, Trudy Scott, her work on food and mood connection, or to take a pyroluria questionnaire, please visit her website at (for questionnaire follow this link: 

Do you have a cat?  White spots or flecks on your fingernails? Stressful and bizarre dreams or nightmares?  Visit Hawthorn's archived webinars and listen to Trudy Scott’s webinar on Pyroluria, A Social Anxiety Condition, ( to find out what these seemingly unrelated symptoms have in common. Associated with inner tension, anxiety and introversion, pyroluria is made worse by stress and is a lot more common than we (or physicians) realize!  Trudy investigates vitamin deficiencies in those with pyroluria, and the effectiveness of supplemental support as stand-alone interventions or with conventional therapies. 
One lucky Pyroluria webinar attendee (randomly chosen) will receive a signed copy of Trudy's book!  More info coming - stay tuned!