Thursday, September 25, 2014

Professor Chris Masterjohn's webinar draws a global audience!

We had a great webinar last night with Professor Chris Masterjohn, PhD, sharing his research and expertise on the topic of ‘Optimizing Health with the Fat-Soluble Vitamins and Their Nutritional Synergists’.  Hawthorn’s Director of Education, Dr. Janet Ludwig, PhD and several Hawthorn faculty members were in attendance. Terrific showing from Hawthorn students and graduates too.
I was impressed that so many people from around the world showed up at all hours of the night from their time zones to tune in for this important topic - from Ireland, to South Africa to Jamaica. One attendee Tweeted from South Africa and shared  “it’s midnight and I can’t believe I’m being taught by Chris Masterjohn. I have tears of joy because I’m so happy to be able to learn such valuable information. Thank you Hawthorn University”!

This was a great event, but if you missed it don’t worry, the presentation was recorded and is archived to Hawthorns’ website so you can view the presentation which includes some terrific slides. I did an interview with Chris before the webinar and Chris’s introductory remarks are so interesting and important to the topic. We concluded with a lively question and answer period which provided additional insights. The presentation provided a great deal of insight into the importance of eating a varied diet and not trying to fix health issues with supplements alone.

Chris Masterjohn is knowledgeable, clear in his presentations, and wonderfully gracious in his responses so I encourage you will tune into to this one.

Link to archive here:

Paula Bartholomy, MS, NC
Director of Online Events
Hawthorn University