Monday, January 12, 2015

Hawthorn graduate featured on!

Our recent graduate Kerri Eich is featured on the episode of Food Exposed!

You Tube link to the video:

Kerri Eich is the Director of the School and Academy of Health & Environmental Sciences at University High School (LAUSD). She's been teaching at University High School since 2001. When the school converted to LAUSD's 'small schools' format (2008), she led the transition the School and Academy of Health and Environmental Sciences with the support of several teachers and Administration. They opened a year early due to a supporting grant from the California Partnership Academies. With this funding they've been able to create over an acre of outdoor learn-scape that is unique to Uni and constantly evolving. Our Academy Classes include Food Sciences, Physiology, and Environmental Science. they were originally funded through the CPA "Green Academy" funding source, making us the only "green" Health Academy in the State.