Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nutrition Solutions for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Join Trudy Scott, CN on Hawthorn's upcoming PUBLIC webinar on 4/21/15. Trudy suggests, ‘If we address nutritional deficiencies and balance brain chemicals i.e. we address these neurotransmitter imbalances, then the desire for sugar just goes away”, and no willpower is required.

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Trudy Scott is the founder and host of The Anxiety Summit. In this webinar she will bring us the new research, trends and opinions for nutritional solutions to anxiety. She  will also be discussing the gut-brain connection and microbiome, methylation, adverse effects of benzodiazapines, the role of inflammation, and controversial opinions about serotonin, GABA and urinary neurotransmitter testing.

Please join us online on 4/21/15.   
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