Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Herbal Cooking Course Starts Soon. Register for discounted price now!

Explore the Healing Power of Herbs 

Learn creative dishes to use nourishing herbs and spices. Study garden herbs and wild plants that can be incorporated into food to achieve overall health.  Explore vitamins and minerals in herbs and spices. Cook with seasonal plants, recognize quality herbs, and create menus that promote a balanced diet.

Join us for HRB 1: Herbal Cooking, a 12 week course starting on June 9th. Enroll by 6/9/15 for the discounted price of $200 using the coupon code HRB2015 . 

Click HERE for more information on Hawthorn's Holistic Nutrition Electives. 

Registration will remain open through 6/30/15, but the regular price of $300 will go into effect after 6/9/15.