Monday, July 13, 2015

How To Design Engaging Virtual Learning Events with Catie Fitzgerald

Many of us have attended webinars that promise education but instead deliver boredom although the educational information is valid and the presenter has credible expertise. Within minutes of the session starting we decide our time would best be spent doing something else (i.e., reading email, doing research, and/or tackling items on our to-do list).  Why do we do this if the information is sound?

Hawthorn Holistic Health & Nutrition Webinar Series Presents:

How To Design Engaging Virtual Learning Events: Three Keys to Crafting an Interactive Educational Webinar with Catie Fitzgerald

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

During this session you will learn the answer to this question as it pertains to the three keys to crafting an engaging educational webinar:

Key 1 – Know and write for your audience
Key 2 – Build memorable visuals (without being a PowerPoint guru)
Key 3 – Interact with your participants in a meaningful way

This webinar will provide you with tips and techniques for educating your clients and prospects via virtual learning events that hold their attention and inspire action!

Join us early at 3:50 PM PST / 6:50 PM EST for our announcements segment and a brief interview with Catie.

Catie Fitzgerald has 20+ years of experience in training facilitation and instructional design. She has designed over 400 courses on a wide range of topics including personal finance, presentation skills, and time management.  In her current role as the Director of Training for a software company, she designs and delivers both classroom and virtual learning events to train employees in seventeen countries.

Catie Fitzgerald