Wednesday, September 23, 2015

4 Weeks to Wellness Challenge for Hawthorn students & graduates

Team Hawthorn,

Our recent graduate and published author, Tarah Chieffi is running a 4 Weeks to Wellness Challenge program starting in October. Originally a community based program, Tarah is expanding this online and extending it at a steep discount of only $10/household for Hawthorn students and graduates. This is an excellent and affordable way to learn how to create, implement, and market a program (thesis project, anyone?)! 

About the program:
This is NOT a weight loss challenge; it is a challenge meant to teach people what real food is and some practical ways to work it into their lives, and also WHY eating real food is important.

The rules are no foods with refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, no fast food and no sodas. Label reading, which oils are healthy for cooking, and even prizes based on participating, and other tips will be shared. Tarah also provides meal plans and a grocery list each week, and free copies of both of her recipe eBooks.

To learn more or to sign up, please visit Tarah at: or coupon code "Hawthorn" at the checkout.