Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dr. Helayne Waldman, our faculty, brings RENEW!

Join our faculty, Dr. Helayne Waldman, Oncology Nutrition Specialist and project RENEW!  RENEW! is the first live, online program of its type to be launched in the US;  join her for its inaugural run starting Wednesday, September 30th.
The mission of RENEW! is to help you implement a firm foundation for a cancer-preventive lifestyle.  It will feature live expert coaching and accountability that puts you back in charge of your wellness, within a safe and encouraging environment.
With 12 weeks of live, expert guidance and the support of your peers, you will:
¨                   Learn how to adapt  a sustainable wellness mindset
¨                   Implement effective strategies to optimize wellness and reduce risk factors for recurrence
¨                   Experience the peace of mind of having your own road map to cancer prevention
¨                   Relax with the support of self-care and stress-management strategies
¨                   Enjoy renewed energy and optimism about your future!

The program is exciting and interactive, with check-ins, Q & A, expert interviews, social media networking and action challenges to keep you motivated.  Having done this work with individuals before, we KNOW you will emerge with a greater sense of ease, confidence and empowerment.

To learn more or to join, please visit: http://www.drshanifox.com/wordpress/renew-info-opt-in