Thursday, October 8, 2015

National Health Freedom Action organizations gearing for the next legislative session!

NHFA is over half way to raising the needed
$10,000 by October 15
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National Health Freedom Action is preparing for the next legislative session and we expect it to be intense.  Following the passage of CA SB 277, which removed parents’ rights to philosophical and religious exemptions from vaccine requirements, we expect similar bills to crop up all over the country.  And the federal DARK Act, which would take state's rights away for labeling of GMO's is on its way to the Senate after passing the House. 

NHFA is working with state health freedom groups to pass safe harbor bills that protect consumer access to holistic practitioners.  We are thrilled that this past spring, Nevada succeeded in passing legislation that gives many holistic healers an exemption from medical practice acts.  With your help, we now want to add more states to the list of ten with safe harbor legislation.  Our goal is nothing short of all 50 states ensuring legal access to holistic practitioners!

Every project we work on depends on our mass eblasts that enable citizens to quickly and easily send a message to their state legislators. 
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We are over half way to the needed $10,000 by October 15!
Only $4,515 is still needed.

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