Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Obesity and the Gut Microbiome with Tami Chu, MS

Have you wondered how your gut “bugs”, or microbes, compare to those of your ancestors?  Or if your gut inhabitants have more to do with your daily life than you had previously thought?

"Obesity and the Gut Microbiome", with presenter Tami Chu, is now available to review in Hawthorn University's Webinar Archives:

In this webinar, Tami talks about the gut microbiome as our own personal "pet", discusses the links to obesity, describes her own personal microbiome experiment, and then shows some potential lifestyle adjustments we can make to "stack the deck" in favor of leanness and overall health.

Tami Chu is a recent graduate of Hawthorn University's Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition program (MSHN).  She is a longtime educator with a second master's degree in Deaf Education.  While homeschooling her kids and raising chickens, she ran a local buyer's club and co-lead the Weston A. Price Foundation chapter in her area.  She currently teaches nutrition classes locally and hosts a brand new podcast called Organic Crumbs, all while starting her nutrition coaching business, Organic Crumbs Wellness. Tami’s podcast can be found at

Tami Chu, MS
Organic Crumbs Wellness