Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Minimizing Risk Factors for Cancer - Part One with Helayne Waldman, EdD, MS

Empower yourself and learn how to protect your loved ones as Hawthorn faculty member Helayne Waldman, EdD, MS, shares this powerful presentation about how genes, toxins, and your biochemical processes interact to enhance or suppress cancer.  Join us on Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 at 4 PM Pacific / 7 PM Eastern for Part One of Minimizing Risk Factors for Cancer on Hawthorn University's Holistic Health and Nutrition Webinar Series.

Dr. Waldman will use breast cancer as an example to discuss:

the role that food, environmental, and lifestyle toxins play;
the importance of gut and liver health;
the role that nutrient deficiencies play;
the close relationship between metabolic syndrome and cancer.

Log on 10 minutes early (at 3:50 PM Pacific / 6:50 PM Eastern) for the pre-webinar segment that will include a brief interview with Dr. Waldman.

Helayne Waldman, EdD, MS, has been an educator for the past thirty years and has specialized in holistic nutrition education for the past seven. She received her doctorate at the University of San Francisco, her nutrition training at Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition, and has taught previously at San Francisco State University, Mills College, Bauman College, and the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration. In addition to teaching, Dr. Waldman maintains a private practice in Oakland, CA, where she specializes in working with those affected by breast cancer. She recently co-authored the book The Whole Food Guide For Breast Cancer Survivors, is on the Board of the Annie Appleseed Organization (education and advocacy for cancer patients and professionals), and is affiliated with the medical offices of Bay Area Breast Surgeons in Oakland, CA, and Dr. Misha Cohen in San Francisco. She lectures widely around the country, is a called upon media expert in breast cancer and nutrition, and a guest blogger for the Pink Paper, GreenMedInfo,, and other health and wellness websites and publications.

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Helayne Waldman, EdD, MS

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Healthy Mind Cookbook giveaway!

Congratulations to Donna Carson-Jelley for winning a signed copy of The Healthy Mind Cookbook as a thank you for attending our live webinar! Please visit Hawthorn University YouTube Channel for this archived webinar featuring Rebecca Katz.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nutrition Solutions for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Join Trudy Scott, CN on Hawthorn's upcoming PUBLIC webinar on 4/21/15. Trudy suggests, ‘If we address nutritional deficiencies and balance brain chemicals i.e. we address these neurotransmitter imbalances, then the desire for sugar just goes away”, and no willpower is required.

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Trudy Scott is the founder and host of The Anxiety Summit. In this webinar she will bring us the new research, trends and opinions for nutritional solutions to anxiety. She  will also be discussing the gut-brain connection and microbiome, methylation, adverse effects of benzodiazapines, the role of inflammation, and controversial opinions about serotonin, GABA and urinary neurotransmitter testing.

Please join us online on 4/21/15.   
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Join us today for this PUBLIC WEBINAR OFFERING!

"The Healthy Mind: Translating Brain Science into the Kitchen for Optimal Yum" with Rebecca Katz, MS

While much of the brain’s work still remains a mystery, a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that the food we eat directly affects how well our brains function. Brain health also plays a significant role in staving off diabetes, heart and Alzheimer’s disease. So how do we take this cutting-edge research and apply it -- deliciously! -- to our everyday lives?  Join us for The Healthy Mind: Translating Brain Science into the Kitchen for Optimal Yum with Rebecca Katz, MS Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 at 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST.

Rebecca Katz, MS, author of The Healthy Mind Cookbook, harnesses the latest brain research on improving cognition, emotion, memory, mood and physical health – and translates it straight to the plate, using delicious nutrient-dense foods as a tool for promoting a healthy mind from childhood through the golden years.

With a culinary pharmacy listing the benefits of key ingredients, flavor-packed recipes for every meal of the day, and complete nutritional details for each dish, Rebecca Katz and her newest book The Healthy Mind Cookbook will help lift the mental fog of everyday life and allow you to harness the power of your mind.

In this webinar you will learn:
What foods have the ability to enhance memory, reduce stress, encourage learning and enhance mood;
The role of taste and flavor and how it affects brain health;
How to develop your ‘Culinary Mind’;
To achieve kitchen clarity;
To reduce recipe reading anxiety;
Getting your mind in the culinary game.

Attend this presentation and gain the resources needed to support a healthy mind with delicious foods!

A nationally-recognized culinary translator and expert on the role of food in supporting optimal health, Rebecca has a Masters of Science degree in Health and Nutrition Education from Hawthorn University and received her culinary training from New York’s Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts.  As a consultant, speaker, teacher and chef, Rebecca works closely with physicians, nurses, and wellness professionals to include the powerful tools of flavor and nutrition in their medical arsenal.

Rebecca is the Executive Chef for The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s renowned Food as Medicine professional training in medical nutrition therapy, and consults for Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine’s premiere nutrition conference for health professionals co-directed by Andrew Weil, MD.  She is the founder and director of the Healing Kitchens Institute at Commonweal, which trains healthcare professionals and interested cooks how to translate nutritional science directly to the plate through taste and flavor.

Rebecca is the author of The Healthy Mind Cookbook: Big Flavor Recipes to Enhance Brain Function, Mood, Memory and Mental Clarity, (Ten Speed Press, 2015), The Longevity Kitchen: Satisfying Big Flavor Recipes Featuring the Top-16 Age Busting Power Foods, (Ten Speed Press, 2013) along with the award-winning cookbook The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen: Nourishing Big-Flavor Recipes for Cancer Treatment and Beyond (Ten Speed Press, 2009), and One Bite at a Time: Nourishing Recipes for Cancer Survivors and their Friends (Ten Speed Press, 2008, Second Edition).

A myriad of food related experiences, including a sojourn to Italy, where she studied Mediterranean cuisine with chefs and signoras from Florence to Sicily, shaped Rebecca’s philosophy that health-supportive food must taste great in order to be nourishing and healing.  For more information and yummy recipes visit

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Rebecca Katz, MS